Who’s Who

Why more than thirty years ago we decided to call our shop IL Bagatto?

First of all, the Bagatto is the first of the upper arcana in the Tarot, the magician, the juggler, the craftsman.

The Bagatto also indicates its potential, its hat in the shape of an upside down 8 indicates the infinite potentialities and forces that emerge from the invisible. It seemed to us the symbol that best photographed the reality of our work. Not only clothing, outerwear, evening dress, etc. but all is possible with the needle, the scissors, we have never set limits sometimes giving us an image of difficult interpretation. We have often been asked: do you work for the theater ? Sometimes, but not only. Let’s say that we worked a lot also for the theater of daily life where every one of us is measured. In reality we are an Atelier that as once deals with its client in its entirety, we take care when the image is possible as a whole. But we also like to take up the craft tradition in its richness and in its totality from the embroidery to the shirt, from the hat to the necklace, from the new to the recovery of the old.

We like experimentation


The B of the Bagatto is taken from the alphabet of ERTE ‘is a tribute we wanted to do to Erte, Romain de Tirtoff (St. Petersburg November 23, 1892 – April 21, 1990 in Paris), painter, sculptor, costume designer, French national theater theatrical French , one of the greatest exponents of the art deco. He has participated in the major music-halls, realizing the costumes of Mistinguett and Marian Davies. Designer and fashion designer, jewelry designer, figurinist, in 1915 he designed the covers of Harper’s Bazar, in 1969 he illustrated a Beatles volume.