All men’s and women’s clothing are made. In the privacy of the atelier you will have the possibility to choose your model among the exclusive designs that will be proposed to you or you can create the model you want by consulting magazines and fashion texts. On the basis of the individual requirements, after a meeting with the client, specific model drawings are also prepared. Our experience and professionalism are available to advise in choosing what best enhances the figure and personality of everyone. As for the fabrics, the customer can bring fabrics he purchased or choose from those proposed in the catalogs of the atelier. The quality of the fabrics is guaranteed by the seriousness of our suppliers: we use only High Fashion fabrics and the utmost attention is also paid to the quality of the linings, buttons etc … For the correct success of the clothes we make at least two tests before the delivery. The piece of clothing made in our atelier for the individual customer is never repeated for others, on the other hand a suit is tailor-made in respect of the individual personality that the wearer can only be exclusive. Custom-made men’s shirts are also made.

Also in this field we pay a lot of attention to the particular needs for which the dress has to be made. We remember that everything is made to measure and the choice of models is studied together with the customer taking into account his figure and his specific needs.

img11This is how we make dresses for the bride and groom, both simple models and very elaborate and embroidered models by hand. Underwear is also made for the bride. There are also special bouquet holders inspired by the line of the dress and the flowers that you intend to use, as well as the study and realization of the hairstyle suitable for the chosen model of dress. It is possible to make custom shoes from our shoemaker. As for the fabrics, they are chosen on the basis of the model and can be purchased with us by our suppliers. For the man they are realized besides clothes studied in the specific frack, tuxedo, tight. Evening shirts and ties are also made. Even for evening dresses, a specific study is carried out together with the client on the basis of the evening or occasion for which the dress is made. The atelier provides a wide selection of designs.

We make tailor-made leather garments for both men and women. We work the best quality of leather and mutton that the market provides. We also make repairs and re-modeled leather and sheeps only after evaluating the materials of the garments that are brought to us, whether they are worth it or not. We create new furs with tailoring, on unique models. The old furs are modeled, in this case we evaluate before work if the material lends itself to a modeling or not. If you can proceed with the work, you will study the new model, propose the design to the customer and move on to the revitalization of fur, fur, polishing and polishing and finally a new cut.

It is possible to create man / woman models prepared for mass production. On request we make sample garments.