The Atelier il Bagatto, enrolled in the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna in the workshops of artistic craftsmanship, is not only a haute couture but also opens up as:
• Documentation Center on Fashion and Costume, with a library of about 1260 texts on the subject and a collection of fashion magazines from the 19th to the 1980s, it is a point of reference for university students who have to do research on topic.
• Scuola di Mestiere, with its courses on a professional level 1
• Cultural lounge, where exhibitions of artists and artisans from the artistic craft workshops take place.



Ours is not only a work commitment but also a major cultural commitment in the specifics of our sector, aimed at underlining that artistic craftsmanship is applied art, it is trade and it is culture. Too often in our country, unlike other European countries, we consider material culture a culture of series B or even a “non-culture”, neglecting in fact a heritage that the world envies us.
This premise makes it necessary to understand and better contextualize the work we have been carrying out in Bologna for over twenty years. In our atelier we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, re-inventing a new craft, open to modern needs, in continuous evolution. The artisan workshop is thus a laboratory for research, study, experimentation, new creativity open to the needs of young people.

Our field of action ranges from tailor-made clothes (men-women) for every occasion, aimed at private customers, to the study of collections and samples for companies, including industrial paper patterns.
From the processing of leather garments to the modeling of furs. From restoration of lace and period dresses and their reproduction to costumes for the cinema and theater. From fabric painting to hand embroidery to repair broken or worn items.